Estate 1856 Wines LLC is a small business located in Northern California. Customer service is always a priority for us. The absolute best way to work with us is by email – our email address is Our staff work between 10am and 5PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday Through Friday. We are closed on weekends, during US holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years.

Please note that our busiest time of the year is during harvest (September and October) when we may be working unusually long hours. During the harvest season, orders may take a few days longer to be shipped. The good news is that for the other ten months of the year, we are very VERY prompt!


The most frequent question we receive is “When I can expect my order to arrive?” This is determined by several factors including: (1) the method of shipping you select, (2) weather at your destination and (3) the orders placed ahead of yours. In general, we function on a first come – first serve basis. We do try to get orders out of our warehouse promptly (within a few days), however, there are times of the year when shipping times are increased, such as during the holidays and/or during the harvest season (September & October). WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SHIP TO YOUR DESTINATION IF THE WEATHER REPORT NOTES DAYTIME TEMPERATURES OVER 85 F. Wine quality is susceptible to high temperatures and we may decide to not ship if quality will be compromised!

As we are currently only shipping to California, your wine, once shipped, will arrive within ONE DAY in Northern California and ONE-TWO days in Southern California. We only ship via UPS and all orders MUST BE SIGNED FOR BY A CUSTOMER OVER 21!!


If you require a wine to be delivered at a specific period of time, it is ALWAYS suggested that you call us and place your order by phone so that we can determine if we can meet your needs. This is particularly true if you are running out of an item or going on vacation.


If you receive a package that is damaged, please do NOT open it at home. You must open it in front of a UPS representative (either at your door or at your UPS office) who can then see that the package was damaged, the items are damaged and then request reimbursement. If you open the package at home and then claim it was damaged, UPS will NOT BELIEVE YOU and they will not provide compensation for the damage.


We try to update accounts online with tracking information when time permits. However, during high volume orders, our goal is to get products out rather than do data entry. If you have any questions about your orders, you can contact us via email at and we can verify tracking status and email that to you.


It is always sad when we receive a package that has been unclaimed by the recipient. While this is rare, we attempt to contact the customer to determine if they would still like their item and/or to determine what the problem was. If we are unable to contact the customer and the items are returned undamaged, we will issue a refund or store credit as per our return policies. If a mistake is made on our end, we will reship the item no cost. If an addressing error is made on the customers end, we will ask the customer to pay the shipping fee a second time. Please PLEASE pick up your packages quickly!!!


We only ship our wines via UPS!!

Customer Service

If you have any questions about your order, or would like an update on your order, please email