2010 MALBEC (Sold Out)

Estate 1856 2010 Malbec Bottle

2010 Malbec Label

2013 LA Int’l Wine Competition

Tasting Notes

Our Special Selection Malbec combines deep, rich blackberry characters with warming spicy notes to create a luscious and complex wine. This wine achieved the highest point ranking of ANY other Malbec entered into the LA Competition (including a large selection of Malbecs from Mendoza, Argentina).

Winemaker Notes

Our first offering of a Malbec single-varietal captures the fruit intensity that the cool 2010 growing season provided. These vines are trellised in a way to provide great sun exposure to promote great color and flavors. Malbec needs the entire growing season to ripen fruit and, for our vineyard, is typically one of the last varietals harvested. When these grapes reached the winery, they were carefully crushed (with special destemmer screens to prevent berry breakage) and then they were individually fermented aged in 100% French oak for 22 months.

Long barrel ageing is unusual for this varietal, but we feel that long barrel ageing helps to concentrate the great Malbec flavors as well as helping the mouthfeel become more integrated as the wine tannins soften and become more approachable.

For more information about this interesting varietal check out the WIKIPEDIA MALBEC ARTICLE!

REGION: Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, California
CASES: 60 cases

FOOD PAIRING NOTES: This lushly fruity Malbec would complement a main course of flavorful red meat, South American style. We suggest Grilled Spice-Rubbed Skirt Steak.