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Spring is here and the vineyards are alive with the bright yellow blooms of seasonal mustard.  A drive through the wine country is a perfect way to combat the winter doldrums. You'll also see the first signs of the spring wildflower season with swathes of orange, white and purple on our Sonoma County hillsides. Bud break has begun on our Chardonnay vines and we expect to see it throughout all of the vineyards in the next few weeks! We are launching the 2021 season with a fabulous Spring Sale. This is a great opportunity  to enjoy many of our GOLD MEDAL wines. [...]

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Dark Chocolate Cheesecake – Winemakers Journal February 2021

Did you know that St. Valentine is the patron saint of engaged couples and happy marriages? According to History.com, February 14th was thought to be the day that birds and humans came together to find or choose a mate. And because there are several St. Valentine's in history, you can celebrate the day on January 7th by honoring St. Valentine of Raetia or the only female St. Valentine (Valentina) on July 25th. Our 2021 Valentine's Day is going to be celebrated with a romantic dinner for two with homemade chocolate cheesecake. The challenge, of course, is picking a recipe! Our [...]

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Match Our Estate 1856 Cabernet With A Rib Eye Steak

Cold winter evenings call for rich, hearty meals that warm our spirit. Nothing matches cabernet sauvignon better than a flavorful cut of beef, grilled to perfection. Top with a peppercorn sauce and/or a sprig of rosemary and you've created a memorable and, yes, romantic meal for two. At Estate 1856, we love using our grill throughout the year. Sometimes, it's the simpler recipes that let the flavors pop. In this case, we recommend that you find a locally sourced cut of beef, season simply with with salt and pepper and grill to your preference. If you'd like a bolder flavor, [...]

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