Winemaker Notes – Janice Schmidt

2014 Estate 1856 Cabernet SauvignonThe journey to a memorable glass of Cabernet begins with the grapes. Winemaker Janice Schmidt says “What makes our Estate 1856 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon so successful is the rich, yet surprisingly diverse flavor profile.” Out of the more than 100 cabernet grape “clones” available, she chose two American clones (4 and 7) that are known for adding distinctive herbal notes and two French clones (191 and 337) that contribute more fruit characteristics.  “When you taste this wine, you’ll experience subtle aromas and flavors of ripe blackberry, dark cherry, boysenberry, cassis, and currant that originate from the four cabernet clones that we use. They work beautifully together” she continued.

The type of barrel used during the aging process adds yet more flavors to each glass. Jan said “I prefer to use 100% French oak barrels which add complexity and subtlety to the flavors of our wine. Our barrels added characteristics of Dutch cocoa, toasted vanillin oak with a hint of loamy earth.”  In contrast, American oak barrels often overpower many red wines.

Jan’s efforts continue to be recognized at wine competitions around the nation.  At the 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the 2014 Cab won a Double Gold Medal. At the 2018 North Case Wine Challenge, the 2014 Cab received a Gold Medal and 93 point score.

Ken Hoggins of Ken’s Wine Guide, a wine reviewer based in Boston, wrote “This slightly opaque and dark ruby colored Cabernet Sauvignon from Estate 1856 is impressive. It opens with an attractive boysenberry and gentle black currant bouquet. On the palate, this wine is medium to full bodied, balanced, smooth and fruit forward. The flavor profile is a very tasty black currant with notes of mild boysenberry, gentle minerality and a hint of oak. Enjoy.”

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