Let’s Enjoy A Few More Grilled Meals

As the days get shorter and air just a wee bit sweeter, it’s still warm enough to fire up the grill a few more times to enjoy the last veggies of summer and the early flavors of fall. Our Schmidt family favorites are marinated tri-tip and flank steak, combined with grilled potatoes, grilled veggies and even garlic bread. Yes, almost EVERYTHING is grilled and it’s a blast, especially when accompanied by some Estate 1856 wines.

This is a great opportunity to use some of the extra zucchini, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes from your garden. Simply slice your veggies in half or 1″ thick pieces, and throw in a plastic bag with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a dash of thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper to taste. Shake and then place on the grill.

We have a favorite family marinade for beef grilling that is a little different that the typical southwestern spice recipes. It uses some soy sauce that adds a unique richness and chili powder to add depth to the flavor. I prefer Spice Islands Chili Powder because it’s more complex, just like the wines that we make. It’s almost a deep burgundy in color.

Tzabaco Rancho Marinade

1/3 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup olive oil
2 medium pressed garlic cloves
1 tbsp dark brown sugar
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp chili powder – ┬áSpice Islands preferred!

fresh chopped fresh herbs: parsley, oregano, rosemary or thyme as desired

Mix in ingredients in a bowl then immerse and coat meat overnight. Throw on a hot grill and cook to your desired doneness!