Late summer is a majestic season for our winery and vineyards. The sugars are rising, the grapes are glistening among leaves lit by the now golden afternoon sunshine.  Our summer garden has produced plenty of veggies and fruit but the highlight of the year may be our blackberries. The berries are massive, with some more than two inches long. Each bite offers a mouthful of aromatic, sweet juice. Who doesn’t love the taste of blackberries, right?

With two long rows of thornless berries, we’ve had a huge crop. Of course, enjoying them fresh  off the vine makes for the perfect afternoon snack but there’s so much more that you can do. For breakfast, you can’t go wrong with pancakes or waffles topped with homemade blackberry syrup or rich compote.  

If you love a light salad for lunch, try adding some fresh berries to an arugula or  pinach salad for a lovely sweet contrast to the more bitter salad greens.

Late summer and fall means that grilling is at the absolute best of the season. Blackberry juice is a fantastic addition for chicken or pork glazes or marinades. If you’re also enjoying Estate 1856 Petit Verdot, you’ll also note a hint of blackberry in the aromatics of the wine. 

It is during dessert that blackberries truly shine. If you’re looking for something light yet festive for dessert, try fresh black, blue and raspberries on top of angel food cake with fresh whipped cream. Blackberry cheesecake, cobbler, tarts and pies have to be enjoyed at least once each season. And for a welcome respite at the end of a long, hot summer day (It gets to 110 here), you can’t go wrong with homemade blackberry ice cream. 

Here are some recipes that we hope you will enjoy!