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A New Year! A New Season! Starting Fresh in 2020

January 2020 - Winemaker Journal - Janice Schmidt MS May 2020 bring you and your family many successes and new opportunities. For the Estate 1856 family, we are happy to shut the door on 2019 where, yet again, we faced an extended fire season, multiple power outages and an evacuation that affected more than 200,000 residents of Sonoma County. Thankfully, we've now had several inches of rain in the past few weeks. Today, our hillsides are covered with lovely green grasses and I can see the newly emerging cover crop in the vineyards which will nourish the soil in the [...]

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Match Our Estate 1856 Cabernet With A Rib Eye Steak

Cold winter evenings call for rich, hearty meals that warm our spirit. Nothing matches cabernet sauvignon better than a flavorful cut of beef, grilled to perfection. Top with a peppercorn sauce and/or a sprig of rosemary and you've created a memorable and, yes, romantic meal for two. At Estate 1856, we love using our grill throughout the year. Sometimes, it's the simpler recipes that let the flavors pop. In this case, we recommend that you find a locally sourced cut of beef, season simply with with salt and pepper and grill to your preference. If you'd like a bolder flavor, [...]

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Enjoy Big Savings and Reduced Shipping on our 2019 Holiday Gift Pack through Dec 6th!

We are delighted to offer you our award winning 2015 wines in a special holiday gift pack! These make perfect gifts for family, friends and work colleagues. Of course, they are a lovely accompaniment for your holiday meals. Buy one gift pack (3 bottles): normally $149....now $120...19% off Buy two gift packs (6 bottles): normally $298....now $220...26% off Buy four gift packs (12 bottles): normally $596....now $400...33% off We can personalize your order with custom gift cards! Just let us know in the order comments that this is a gift and what you would like to say...and we will hand [...]

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